Marble Floor in Boston

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October 17, 2019
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                    Marble Floor in Boston

Many clients in Boston have beautiful houses with attractive marble floor and they always want to keep their marble floor in good condition. The marble floor is elastic and beautiful that’s why people prefer it for their houses. Marble tiles have different color, style, and texture, so you have many choices.

But with all of these characters, marble floors require much maintenance and attention. Marble is formed when limestone is heated. It is primarily composed of the mineral calcite and some other mineral just like clay mineral, quartz, graphite, pyrite, micas, and iron oxide. 

Due to its genetic makeup, marble is porous in nature and soft stone. Because of these reason marble is very sensitive to chemicals. You should avoid the use of any type of acid and chemicals on the marble. If marble gives the luxurious look to your house then that’s your responsibility to take care of it.

To maintain the shine of your floor, you have to keep it clean. You should avoid your marble floor from the scratches or stain. If you want to increase the life of the marble floor you have to give your proper attention. 

Marble get stain easily so when you see any spill you have to clean it immediately before it converts into a permanent stain. If your stone gets permanent stain then you should hire a professional team of cleaners. You should use those products which are specifically made for marble. 

In the case of using marble in the washroom then you should clean the water immediately which is up to the floor. If you use any chemical for washing your toilet then you should carefully use the chemical because if it drops on the marble floor it may cause of stain or scratches on it. Whatever you do but don’t use the acid and chemical on the marble floor. 

Besides, when you clean your marble floor then you should use lukewarm water and soap for it. This is necessary for maintaining the cleanliness of your marble floor. Use a wet sponge and scrub the marble floor gently and make sure to clean it properly. This is the beautiful stone that makes gorgeous to your house when you properly care about it. 

If your marble stone gets any type of scratches then you should hire a professional team of restoration. The restoration team will remove the scratches from your floor and make it as new. After restoration, they will polish the marble floor which makes the marble tiles more attractive and brighten.

Stone Sealer and Restoration offer the restoration service in Boston and their relative areas. We provide the professional restoration for natural stone even it is granite or marble. So if you want to give back the shine to your natural floor then hire our professional staff.

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