Are you worried about the look of your home, well don’t worry at all now as Life Stone stone sealer and restorations services are here for you? Greater Boston, NH surrounding, and Nashua are the areas where we provide excellent granite and stone sealing services. We are a small, family-owned business, so you can have full confidence that you will receive friendly, personalized service when you work with us!

We offer a variety of services like stone cleaning and sealing, surface restoration, tile or grout services, and more. And there are several reasons to trust us as we are working for more than 20 years now making the start way back in the year 1998. We have set the bars of the standard rather high for ourselves and we thrive on our class and quality of work. We commit to make customers problems our top priority. 

We provide different services which are needed to make your home or office stunning in looks which are as follows: 

Marble Refinishing 

Most of the people use stone or natural in their home for the durability and beauty that it offers. While these may seem like indestructible materials, they can become stained, discolored, chipped, and water-damaged, and so on without the proper sealing.

Being the small family-owned company we give cleaning, sealing services for natural stone surfaces like concrete, brick, pavers, grout, granite, glass, and etcetera. Stone Sealer & Restoration Services experts use an advanced sealer product on your surface to make sure it is permanently protected and preserved!

Marble, Granite, and Permanent Sealing 

Some people look to permanently seal their granite to make sure that their investment is protected. And we at Stone Care is the only licensed and trained applicator of granite shield in the area. Granite shield is one of the permanent natural stone sealers that when it is applied by a licensed professional company there comes with a lifetime warranty against any stains.

 Without leaving any kind of scratch and or yellow mark on your surface Granite Shield will provide you with a natural stone surface more vibrant, smoother, shinier, and maintenance-free.

Stone Sealer & Restoration

Scratch Removal

Marbles, polished limestones, and Soapstone which are natural and are softer and may scratch. Most of the time these scratches can be repaired by surface polishing the stone with a high grit diamond abrasive. In some instances, where the scratches are deep, the piece will have to be brought back to our facility.

 To bring its original shine back we will fill the scratch take the polish off the stone and grind it down slightly, then re-polish the surface. 

Stain Removal

The best way to prevent stains is to tend to any spills and splatter right away. Always take safety measures quickly because sooner you clean a spill up the less likely you are to stain your stone. Blot the spill with a paper towel, do not try to wipe up the spill because you will just be increasing the size of the area that could get stained. Once the spill is cleaned up flush the area with warm water and soap, then rinse several times.

 The key to removing a stain is knowing what caused the stain. There are several different types of stains. Some needs or require trained professionals like Stone Sealer ad some can be removed with common household cleaners.